Think of categories as multiple "calendars" inside your calendar... but so much more. You can color-code and filter events by category. Control "who can view" & "who can edit" each category.

Set up website calendar plugins to pull events from selected categories. For example, a business may create a public category for special events and private categories for training and staff schedule.

Examples of categories include:

- Administration (private)
- Athletics
- Academics
- Marketing
- Sales
- Operations
- Services
- Youth Ministry
- Pastor;s Schedule (private)
- Hall Schedule (prevent double booking)
- Large Conference Room
- Small Conference Room
- Amphitheater
- Mom (private)
- Dad (private)
- John Jr. (private)
Staff Schedule
- Working
- On Call
- Vacation

Add a category via Admin Menu > under Calendar Settings > Categories > Add

You can add an event to more than one category.  Learn more about the "Mirror Category Feature" in this article.