Our Upcoming Events List is a great way to promote your events on any web page. Update calendar events from any device and instantly update website's upcoming events list. For responsive websites, learn about our responsive upcoming events list option. 

How it works...

  1. Go to Admin Menu > Website Plugins > Upcoming Events List >

    You'll notice that an upcoming events list automatically loads in the preview screen with "sample" events and thumbnail images.

    Show your events but selecting the categories you want to display in the list. [SAVE] changes.

  2. Events Tab -  customize settings pertaining to your events. 

    Specify the number of events to display, number of days ahead, or number of characters to display in event's description.  [Save] changes

  3. List Tab - customize settings for the list itself.

    Specify the list width, height, border, box colors, etc.
    For responsive sites, set list width to 100% and adjust from there.


  4. Script Tab -  copy the JavaScript code from the box where it reads "Copy and Paste this into your web page" and paste into your web page.

    If your website builder or content management system does not allow you to add JavaScript, you can add our upcoming events list by website url.

    Learn more about adding the upcoming events list by url here:
    Upcoming Events List without javascript

  5. Theme Tab - you may create more than one upcoming events list by creating themes.

    Perhaps, create a second theme to pull events from different categories for a different web page.  Themes provide a powerful option for organizations with many events to share.  Select the theme title and then [Open] to view.