Are you looking for an alternative to Google Calendar?

CalendarWiz is a highly customizable and versatile calendar that helps thousands of people run their business, organization, and personal calendars online.  Our Basic CalendarWiz Subscription starts at just $9.00 per month.

Why Choose CalendarWiz?

Free Support

CalendarWiz offers fast, friend, and free email support.  We are here to help your optimize your calendar setup.


We offer everything you need in an online calendar, including:

  • Branding:  The full calendar and plugins (upcoming events list, mini calendar, and search) can be customized to match your website colors exactly.
  • Full Event Titles:  Calendar day cells dynamically re-size to display an event’s complete title, while Google calendar truncates event titles to fit a specific cell width.
  • Permissions:  Ability to set privacy permissions for calendar users as well as public events that can be easily published on your website.
  • Resource Scheduling:  Prevent double booking of staff, facilities, or locations with conflict prevention. Reserve conference rooms, athletic facilities, church halls, executive appointments, shift schedules or any type of resource.
  • Mobile:   Allows permitted users to view, add, and edit events in CalendarWiz via Mobile device.  The mobile calendar or an upcoming events list can also be added to your mobile website.

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