Operating a restaurant efficiently can be very demanding. It’s often one or two individuals balancing marketing, the staff schedule, and website/social media updates, all just a few hours before opening.

CalendarWiz allows restaurants to update event information in one place and instantly promote menu specials or entertainment events on their website and Facebook fan page. Sharing staff schedules and meetings is easy with our mobile app and event announcements and reminders.

“Your calendar has been awesome, I love it.  The Mobile App and event reminders help coordinate our server schedules. “


How restaurants are using CalendarWiz


Upcoming Events List

Share specials and entertainment at-a-glance on your homepage or mobile site.
Match website colors.

Staff & Vacation Schedule

Staff can access their schedules anytime from PC, tablet, or Smartphone.

Mobile App

Add/edit/view events from your Smartphone and instantly update upcoming events list or website calendar.

Website Calendar

Share your full calendar with website visitors. Easy to add and customize colors.

Social Media

Share your events on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin.

Event Reminders

Notify staff of schedule and remind about upcoming shifts.

Room Bookings

Prevent double booking of a room or private area from desktop or mobile device. Select specific users that can edit/view room bookings.

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