CalendarWiz is a versatile, powerful and affordable online calendar solution.  We have hundreds of features that can be used to meet your calendaring needs.  Here are some general calendar set up tips to help you get started.

 Add Categories

Categories are used to group events into separate calendar views.   Categories also allow you to set viewing permission for your calendar.  For example, create a public category to share on your website and create a private category for internal use only. You can also give a calendar user "manager" permission to edit specific selected categories.

Click the Admin Menu button > under Calendar Settings > Categories Add >

Enter a title > select viewing permissions Public (A) or Private (B or C)Save

Optionally, select special editing properties, such as:

D. Self Booking - Allow logged in users to create events in this category but only edit events he/she created.

F & G Prevent Double booking of a resource or staff member.

 Add Calendar Users

Add calendar users to receive event announcements and reminders, set editing permissions, as well as create logins to view private event categories.  Calendar admins can add users to the calendar via

Admin Menu > under Calendar Settings > Users and SubscribersAdd >

Optionally, give a user calendar editing permission as category manager or administrator > Save

 Learn more by visiting our knowledgebase:

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