We make it easy to share the most current meeting and event information with any group or team.   Our desktop and mobile calendar views are perfect for any organization looking to enhance communication with a shared calendar.

Here are some features that organizations like yours have found helpful.

 Create Calendar Categories

Categories are used to group events into separate calendars.   For example, create a public category for "Upcoming Meetings" to share on your website or create a private "Staff Meetings" category for internal use only.

Click the Admin Menu button > under Calendar Settings > Categories Add >

Enter a title > select viewing permissions A. Public  or Private (B or C) > Save

 Upcoming Events List

Add an upcoming events list to a web page for at-a-glance notification of important events.  Easy to embed and customize.

Login and go to Admin Menu > under Website Plugins Upcoming Events List >

To learn how to add an upcoming events list to a web page click here.

 Event Reminders & Invites w/ RSVP

Email event invitations, announcements and reminders to organization members.  Request an RSVP as Accept, Decline, or Maybe.

Set email reminders when you add an event via the "Invite & Remind" tab.  

Add calendar users to receive event announcements and reminders as well as login to view private event categories.  Calendar admins can add users to the calendar via Admin Menu > under Calendar Settings > Users and SubscribersAdd > select user editing permission > Save

Note: users can be given category manager permission, allowing him/her to add/edit/delete events in assigned categories.


Our Email to List feature makes it easy to send engaging newsletters to organization members or a subscriber email list.  Check our our pre-built collection of email templates by clicking Email to List in the upper right of your calendar logged in bar.  Click here to learn more about Email to List