Add a Signup Form to your website or calendar to let people join your email list.  Members of your email list are called “subscribers” because they’ve opted-in to your mailing list.  Start sharing calendar reminders, invitations with RSVP, and newsletters.  You’ll love the convenience of building and managing your email list all from your calendar.

Here’s how to get started…


1.  Go to the new “Users & Subscribers” screen located in the admin menu.



2.  Turn on your Signup Form in the Signup Form tab.


Tip:  Add a Signup Button to your website with a snippet of code located in the Signup Button tab.  Customize and grab the code.



3.  Click “Upgrade Now” to add subscribers to any calendar plan.




4.  Stay connected with your subscriber email list using…


5.   Need to import an email list?  It’s easy and affordable.


Add-On Subscriber Pricing:
50 subscribers – $2/mo or $24/year
150 subscribers – $4/mo or $48/year
500 subscribers – $10/mo or $120/year
1000 subscribers – $15/mo or $180/year
2500 subscribers – $20/mo or $240/year


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