It’s quick and easy to add events using our Quick Event editor, seen below. To add events that repeat or require additional details, check out the Full Event editor.


Here’s how it works….

STEP 1: Select Event Date

Click a calendar day cell or click the + to add an event on that day. You may also click the [+Add Event] button at top of calendar and select a date using the mini calendar date picker.

Quick Tip: You may change your date picker format to Day/Month/Year by going to Admin Menu > Options > Advanced tab > select the “31/12/2017” date format > Save


STEP 2: Choose Your Event Time

Select a standard time from the drop down list or type an event time. To quickly type a time just type ‘9a’ for a 9:00 AM event or ‘955a’ for 9:55 AM.
Other time options include the all day event or no end time event. No end time events only display a start time on the calendar.



Quick Tip: When you select a start time for an event, the end time jumps ahead by some increment of time. You can change the “jump ahead” increment (e.g. 1 hr, 30 mins, etc) by changing the span of time between your calendar’s default start time and default end time. Go to Admin Menu > Options > Advanced tab.

Step 3: Select Category & Saved Location

You must select a category and optionally select a saved location for your event.
Learn more about categories.
Note: Quick event will not include a location drop down if there are no saved locations to your calendar.


Quick Tip: Add saved locations to your calendar by clicking the gear next to the location drop down or learn more about using saved locations for room booking.


STEP 4: Use Quick Links to Full Editor tabs

Click a “quick link” to go to a full event tab. Quick links allow you to quickly add a repeating event, reminder/invite, description or private note.


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