We’ve just released the option to add saved locations to your Suggest Event Form!  Communities, churches, and schools that use saved locations to reserve rooms or facilities have requested this option for some time.

Why is this exciting?  Adding a saved locations drop down list to the form makes it easy for calendar visitors or community members to request a room or facility for their event submission.  Events submitted through the suggest event form will still require admin or manager approval.  To take advantage of this new option, you will need to update your Suggest Event Setup.




Here’s how it works…


Step 1:  Be sure to enable the Suggest Event Form

Go to Admin Menu > under the “Apps” section > Suggest EventSuggest Event Setup tab >

Check to “Enable Suggest Event Form” and optionally check “Show Suggest Button in Calendar Menu.”  If you want to hide the event contact section, you may uncheck the “Show Event Contact fields” option.



In the image below, you’ll see where the suggest button appears on the calendar menu.  Also note that we’ve customized the button text.




Step 2:  Select the Saved Locations you’d like to include in your form.

Check the saved locations that you would like to appear in the suggest event form.
The free-form location fields are included by default; but you may hide those fields by unchecking “Allow free-form locations.” Optionally, you can require selection or entry of a location. If you don’t have saved locations in your calendar, you can add saved locations by going to:
Admin Menu > Locations > Add



Step 3:  Save & Preview Your Form

Save and Preview Form Buttons are located at the bottom of the Suggest Setup screen.  Save changes and then click to Preview Form.



As always, we welcome your feedback and are happy to answer any questions you may have.  Email us at support@calendarwiz.com