Our export feature can be helpful in a number of ways.  Export is most commonly used to keep a local backup of your events handy or to import events to another calendar program.   We’ve recently seen customers using export as a simple reporting tool and thought we’d share some tips for using export in reporting.


Here’s how it works…..

STEP 1:  Export is located in the upper left of your calendar’s navigation bar.  By default, you’ll need to be logged in as an administrator to view the export button.

STEP 2:  Select a date range for the events you’d like to report on.

STEP 3:  Select any combination of categories to export.

STEP 4:  Export to a “Comma Separated Values Format (.csv).”  This file type is easily opened and reviewed in MS Excel or other spreadsheet applications.

STEP 5:  Optionally, select additional export options such as the option include mirror category columns in the export file.  If you’re adding events to more than one category in your calendar, you can export that data in your .csv file.

STEP 6:  Click “Export” button.  You’ll see a success message and a file titled “CalendarWiz_Export..” download to computer’s “downloads” folder.

STEP 7:  Open and review your export file in MS Excel.  Note that each row represents an event.  Columns across include  data associated with each event, including start date, start time, duration, etc.  Be sure to scroll horizontally to view all event data included in the export.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email support@calendarwiz.com.