You can suppress the login button on the calendar navigation bar by creating a special link for use on web pages that link to the calendar.  We recommend that you use the Website Integration tool to create code that hides the login button.   Login as Administrator > Go to Admin Menu > under Website Plugins > Website Integration

  1. Select the type of link you want to create (Responsive, iFrame,Text link, Image Link, Plain Link) 
  2. Check the box "Hide Log In on Calendar"
  3. Code is automatically generated with the nolog parameter in place.  Copy and Paste the code into your webpage editor.

If you are not using the Website Integration tool, the general format of the special link for a calendar opening in month view is: 

Note: be sure to insert your unique calendar identifier where it says yourcalendaridentifier.   

How do I login with the nolog link in place?

Using this nolog link on a web page will hide the Login button for the entire visitor’s session.  To force the login button to appear, use a link in this format shown below: