You can share a calendar link that opens to display a specific category or combination of categories.  The Website Integration Tool makes it easy to create these links to share or embed on your website.

Follow the steps below:

  • Login as Administrator > Go to Admin Menu > Website Plugins > Website Integration
  • Click "Plain Link" tab to build a basic calendar link for specific categories to share by email or simple website link. The other tabs, e.g. Responsive tab or IFrame tab, help you create code to embed into your website.  All tabs allow you to include specific categories or all categories.
  • Select categories you wish to include to display.

  • NOTE: Checking "Select individual categories" but leaving all categories unchecked will cause the link to open to the default category set in options. 

  • Copy and Paste calendar link that includes the category ids.  Learn more about integrating your calendar into your website in this help article.