RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication - a technology that allows users to subscribe to automatic delivery of information from web sites. Only public event categories are available for RSS feeds for security reasons.

 Login as Administrator, go to Admin Menu, the go to RSS Feeds and follow the steps below to set up RSS feeds for your calendar:

1.To make RSS feeds available, you must check the box titled "Check To Enable RSS Subscriptions"
2.Enter an "Overall Title For The RSS Feeds" for your RSS feeds.  This title will appear at the top of your RSS feeds as they are viewed by your users.  Your title cannot exceed 250 characters in length.
3.Enter "Maximum Length For Event Descriptions". This number determines the length of event description details that will be shown on RSS feeds. Any descriptive text beyond this maximum will be truncated from the description in the RSS feed.

Users may see the full description by clicking on the event title which will then open the full event description. The maximum length you may enter is 600 characters.

Entering zero for this value will prevent any text from the event detailed descriptions from being shown in the RSS feeds.
4.Enter "Number of Days Ahead To Retrieve".  This number determines how may days ahead from the present date to include events based on the event start date. The maximum for this value is 100 days ahead.
5.Enter "Maximum Number of Events To Retrieve".  This number determines the maximum number of events that will be contained in any RSS feed update.  The maximum for this value is 200 events.
6.You can optionally check the box "Offer Feeds Containing All Categories".  This will create one RSS feed that contains all events for all public categories.  This feed will be in addition to any individual category feeds specified in the next step.
7.Click on the list of public categories to "Select Which Individual Category Feeds To Offer".  An individual feed will be created for each category highlighted in this list.
8.As you define your feeds in steps 1 thru 7 above, you will see a list of defined feeds appear in the box "Currently Defined RSS Feeds".

These feeds consist of the RSS icon  followed by a textual description of the feed.  You may click on either the icon or text to open the feed for review.
9.Below the icon you will also see a text area containing the web link (url) for that feed.  This code can be copied and placed as a hyperlink on any web page.  Your users can then click on the hyperlink and subscribe to the RSS feed.

See your webmaster if you are not familiar with setting up hyperlinks.
10.In addition to placing hyperlinks to RSS feeds on your web pages.  The RSS icon will also appear on your user's browser when they are viewing the calendar directly.  They can then click on the icon to view and subscribe to the RSS feeds.
 Note: Internet Explorer 6.0 and older and other older browsers do not support RSS subscriptions.  We recommend you upgrade your browser to Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox for better internet browsing.