CalendarWiz customers use this option as an affordable and simple solution to event registration.

Insert simple code to allow customers to email you to Register for an event. An administrator will need to monitor the emails and manually register customers for the event. You could set up an email address specifically for registration, e.g.

To create an "Email to Register Here" link in an event description follow the below instructions:

Login to Calendar -> Click to Add Event -> Enter event "Date and Time" information -> Click on Description Tab -> click the <> to insert view the source to insert a little HTML code.

Type your event description text and insert the following code where you like.

<a href="">Email Here to Register</a>

  1. In your event description, instruct your customer to include the event title, name, phone #,  and any other important information that you will need for completing the registration for the event.
  2. Substitute your registration email address in place of:
  3. You may change the text that reads "Email Here to Register" to anything that you like.
  4. You can change the email subject from Event%20Title%20Registration to include the actual event title but be sure to separate words with a %20 rather than a standard space.