It's easy to add your upcoming events list or full calendar to SquareSpace. Start by logging in to both your CalendarWiz calendar and your SquareSpace site.

1. Click to Edit the SquareSpace webpage where you want to insert the Upcoming Events List.

2. Hover and click teardrop block icon where you want to insert the events list.

3. Under "Basic" section of the menu, click the Embed block icon.

4. The Embed block will open, click the </> to the right of the embed field.

5. Grab your CalendarWiz Upcoming Events List code from the Admin Menu > Upcoming Events List > Script tab.
Be sure to select categories to include in events list. Next, paste the code into the SquareSpace "Embed Data" field.
Click SET.

paste calendarwiz events list javascript code

Note: be sure to insert to insert the code for your CalendarWiz calendar that points to your unique calendar identifier.

6. Click Apply

7. Click to Save Page

8. Important: Preview in "Safe Mode" will likely not display the list correctly. Click to navigate to the web page while not in edit mode to view your upcoming events list.

9. Success!  Your upcoming events list is now embedded in your SquareSpace site.  Make tweaks to color, width, and styles by saving changes to your upcoming events list theme via:

Admin Menu > Upcoming Events List > Review tabs and make adjustments.

As always, you can email us at with any questions at all.