It's easy to add CalendarWiz to your church CloverSites website.  These instructions will make your CalendarWiz calendar "responsive" on desktop, tablet, and phones, which just means that it looks great on both desktop and mobile devices.  Let's start by logging into your CloverSites website.

Step 1.  Go to the CloverSites webpage where you want to insert your calendar.
You may also add a new page, in which case a basic "Text/Photo" with "List" layout is best.
You may use the "Edit Sections" tool to delete unwanted sections in the page. 


Step 2. It's a cinch to add insert code into your CloverSites web page.
Click into the section where you want your calendar.  Next click the </> icon.



Our responsive code offers two options.  Both options display the full calendar on desktop devices, the only difference is what we display on phones, either the upcoming events list or mobile calendar.

Option A) Responsive Code for full calendar on desktop and upcoming events list on phones:
Be sure to insert your unique calendar name where is says yourcalendaridentifer in the code.  

Option B) Responsive Code for 
a full calendar on a desktop and mobile calendar on phones
Be sure to insert your unique calendar name where is says 
yourcalendaridentifer in the code.


Important Note: if you'd like to display specific categories or a specific upcoming events list theme, you can generate custom code for your calendar using our Website Integration Tool.

Go to Admin Menu > Website Integration > Responsive tab >
If you want to make other adjustments, here are the values you can tweak.

crd = calendar identifier name
calwidth= sets full calendar iframe width
calheight = sets full calendar iframe height
theme = upcoming events list theme
mobilepref= value may be set to list or mobile

  • mobilepref=list displays the upcoming events list on phones.  
  • mobilepref=mobile displays our mobile calendar on phones.

nolog=1 to hide the login button on full calendar.  Insert &nolog=1 into script URL
skiptitle=1 to hide headline area with title and logos.  Recommended for embedded calendars.

Step 3.  Paste Code in between the paragraph tags. For example  <p>paste code here</p>

  After pasting code, it will look like this.  You're almost done.


Step 4.  Click the "Close" button.  Publish your calendar page. 

Important Note: You may use the "Preview" to see the full calendar but to view the mobile upcoming events list or mobile calendar you must publish and view on your phone

Step 5.  Test and make any adjustments to the upcoming events list to get the look you want.

Email CalendarWiz Support with any questions or issues.  We are happy to help.