The easiest way to create a  PDF of your calendar is to use a browser that offers a print to PDF option. The browsers listed below offer  "Save as PDF" when you go to print.  If possible, we'd recommend that you use Chrome.

  • Chrome offers a "Save as PDF" option under the "Destination" section in its print dialogue box.
  • Edge offers a "Microsoft Print as PDF" under the "Printer" section in its print dialogue box.

If your browser does not offer a print to PDF option, we recommend CutePDF Writer - a free software application that will allow you to "print" your calendar and almost any other document to a pdf file.   For more information and to download your free copy click on the following link:

First, Download CutePDF Writer by clicking "Free Download."
Follow installation instructions for CutePDF Writer.  You may also need to install a converter if you do not already have one in place.  The installation for the CutePDF Writer will automatically prompt you to install a free GPL Ghostscript converter.

Create and print a PDF document for your CalendarWiz calendar.

DO NOT look for any application to run. Just print your document using CutePDF Writer (the printer) to get pdf output.  Please read the below tips for optimizing PDF and CalendarWiz Print layout.

  1. Open your CalendarWiz Calendar and select the Print command from your browser's menu typically in the upper right or browser.
  2. Select the CutePDF Writer as the Printer from the Print Dialog box. print.
  3. You will get a Save As dialog box prompted for saving created PDF file. 
  4. Select a folder to save in and enter a file name > Save.
  5. Go to that folder to find your PDF file.

Tips to optimize CalendarWiz PDF and Print Layout:

We recommend that you change a few browser settings prior to printing with CutePDF.  Below are the instructions for the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

Using Internet Explorer

  1. Go to Print Preview.  Page Set Up > Select Landscape > OK
  2. Remove headers and footers by setting to "Empty"
  3. To print legend and banner colors check to print Background colors and images  > OK

Using Firefox

  1. Select Menu > Print... > Page Setup to Landscape
  2. Page Setup remove headers and footers by setting to "Blank" > OK
  3. To print legend colors:  Page Set Up -> Check to "Print Background colors and images"  > OK

For more information on CutePDF go to