We're here to help you get the best possible printout of your calendar.  First, it's helpful to know that calendar printing is a function of your browser.  Your browser (Internet Explorer) settings can be adjusted to get the best possible print out.  Once you've set things up, you likely won't need to do it again.  Internet Explorer is a good choice for printing your CalendarWiz calendar.

Here's how to print in Internet Explorer:

STEP 1: Open IE and go to your calendar using your standard calendar linkin the following form, where yourcalendaridentifier is your calendar name:


STEP 2: Click the menu icon in upper right of browser or the File Menu to go to Print Preview

STEP 3: Print Preview box will open.  Adjust settings:

  • Select Landscape mode
  • Margins keep as Default but could decrease if needed
  • Click Gear to Check "Print Background Images & Colors" to print legend colors, etc.
  • Remove "Headers and footers" to maximize calendar space on printed page.


STEP 4: Click Print.  Please email us with any questions at all support@calendarwiz.com.