When you access the calendar, you are already logged in and are concerned that others will be logged in without authority.

The automatic login may be caused by either:

  • For convenience, the login screen has a checkbox "Remember my login on this computer".  If you checked this box during login the program placed a "cookie" on that computer's browser that remembers the login information and causes the calendar to automatically login when accessing the calendar from that computer only.  Other calendar visitors will not be automatically logged into the calendar. To remove the "cookie" and disable automatic login, just logout and login without the "Remember my login on this computer"  box checked.

  • Another possible reason for automatic login could be a bad link you are using to access the calendar.  An example of a correct link is:


Where yourcalendaridentifier is the identifier for your calendar.  If the link you are using contains the text PHPSESSID then you have used a link copied from the browser address bar containing information of a previous session.  Using a link with a PHPSESSID could allow others access to the calendar.  To prevent this, use the recommended link as described above.