There are several reasons why email messages for event announcements and reminders may not be delivered to one or more calendar users.  Below are some things to check as the cause of the problem:

Send Test Email:  Using your own email program, send a test email to the email address and ask for a reply verification.  Sometimes email addresses become deactivated because they have exceeded their storage quota or other reason.  You may receive a "bounce" message explaining why the email cannot be delivered.

Check Junk Mail Folder:  The email program of the recipient may be set up to detect some emails for spam or junk email.  Depending on the rules of the detection software, email from CalendarWiz may be incorrectly identified as junk email.  Many times these emails are redirected to a Junk Email folder in the email program.  Check this folder to see if it contains email from CalendarWiz.

If emails from CalendarWiz are being detected as junk we recommend adding the domain,, to the program's list of allowed email senders - this list may also be known as the white list or other name.

Check Calendar User List:  CalendarWiz attempts to detect undeliverable email that "bounces" back to the CalendarWiz servers.  Email may bounce for a variety of reasons including incorrect email addresses, out of date email addresses, or the email address was unsubscribed by the email address owner.  Once a problem has been detected, the user's email status will be "bounced" and no further attempts are made to send email.

You can check the status of an email address by logging into your calendar as Administrator, going to the Admin Menu > Users & Subscribers.  Any email problems will be indicated in the status column next to the users name.  You can edit the user to see a brief explanation of the problem.  The follow actions may be taken to resolve the problem:

  • Check to see if the email address is incorrect. If it is incorrect, make the appropriate changes and save the user record. The email " should then go away for that user and CalendarWiz will resume sending to the corrected email address.
  • If a user's or subscriber's email address appears as "opt-out" that person may re-subscribe via this link:

    Use the form to submit the email address. An email will then be sent to the email address for verification. When the owner of the email address responds to the verification email, the address will then be reactivated.

If you are certain the email address is correct and email is still not being delivered please contact and include the email address that's not receiving the email.  If applicable, please include the date, time and event title of an announcement or reminder that was not delivered.