When working with two or more CalendarWiz calendars at the same time, sometimes the browser gets confused between the two calendars. This is because a browser program  shares its cookies with other windows in that same browser.   Cookies are used to keep track of calendar sessions and when there are two calendars open the sessions can get mixed up.

When using 2 or more CalendarWiz calendars, here are some important guidelines to follow:

  1.  Only have 1 calendar open in a browser at a time.  This practice prevents browser confusion between 2 calendars when saving events or saving other options.  Either close one calendar before opening another calendar or follow the quick tip below:

    Quick Tip: Use a 2nd browser (Like Chrome or Firefox) for a 2nd calendar if you wish to have 2 calendars "open" at the same time.

    To download a second browser follow one of the below links:

    For Chrome: https://www.google.com/chrome/browser

    For Firefox:   www.getfirefox.com

    For Internet Explorer:  www.microsoft.com/ie

  2. We do allow multiple logins to be "remembered" for multiple calendars in the same browser.  Be sure to check  "Remember me" when logging into EACH calendar.

    It's common for folks to assume that saving their login information for one calendar will take care of all calendars. This is not the case, we save a cookie in the browser for each unique calendar.

  3. Do not "Logout" of the calendar if you want the browser to remember your login information.  Instead just close the browser tab or entire browser at the end of your day.  Logging out will remove the cookie that automatically logs you into the calendar.