If your Upcoming Events List is not displaying properly on your web page or displaying differently than it does in the Upcoming Events List Preview Screen, the Upcoming Events List may be inheriting CSS styles from your web page.  In some cases an Upcoming Events List inherits a "border" from the webpage's .css file.

To solve this issue, you need to wrap the Upcoming Events List script inside a div on your web page and then give the div an id that you can address in a style statement.  If your new wrapper div had an id of "ucelistholder," your style statement would look like:

#ucelistholder table td {
border: none;

Insert this style statement into your web page's .css file or insert it directly into the head of the web page containing the upcoming event list.  To insert the style statement directly into the head of the web page, place the statement inside  <style type="text/css"> tag.  You may substitute other appropriate style statements where the "border:none" is in the above example.

Note: make sure your wrapper div does not have an id of "cwwrapper" or "cwucelist" or "cwuceheader" as these are used within the Upcoming Events List and are reserved.