Suggest Event Form

The “Suggest Event Form” allows community members or clients to submit events to your calendar for approval.  Suggested events must be reviewed and approved by a calendar administrator or manager prior to appearing on the calendar.

Our customers use this form in a variety of ways.  For example, communities and online magazines love the suggest form because their members can contribute to the calendar and share events; whereas churches and schools use the form to manage work-flow for room reservations and event requests.  Small businesses allow clients to request an appointment date and time via the form.

The Suggest Event Form is included in every CalendarWiz plan at no additional cost.





Here’s how it works…


Step 1:  Enable Suggest Event Form

Go to Admin Menu > under the “Apps” section > Suggest EventSuggest Event Setup tab >

Check to “Enable Suggest Event Form” and check “Show Suggest Button in Calendar Menu”



Step 2:  Select Who Approves Suggested Events

The “approvers” are calendar administrators or category managers that have permission to review, edit, and save suggested events AND also receive email notice when an event is submitted via the suggest event form.

You may select from the “Who should approve suggestions” drop down options or override those settings by picking specific email address(es) than receive suggest event notices.


Step 3:  Set “Reply To” Email Address

When a person submits an event through the suggest form, that person will receive an email acknowledging their event request.  The “Reply To Email Address” that you pick is the email address that person will reply to with questions or additional details after they submit their event, etc.


Step 4: Select Suggest Form Categories

Select the categories to appear in your form – you must pick at least one category.   Optionally, you may *require selection of a category so that events go to specific category managers and the “let calendar administrator assign a category” will disapear.



Step 5: Select Suggest Form Saved Locations

You may include a list of your calendar’s saved locations in your suggest form.  This option is very helpful when using the form to help manage room or facility reservations.

You may also allow a free form location to be submitted.  Optionally, you may *require that a location is selected or entered into the form.  More Info on Suggest Event with Saved Locations.




Want to hide all the location fields?  No problem, just unselect all saved locations and uncheck the “allow free-form locations” option.  Click Save.


Step 6: Customize Button Text and Form Text

Customize the button text as well as the header, footer, and success message text in your form.


Step 7:  Save & Preview Your Form

Save and Preview Form Buttons are located at the bottom of the Suggest Setup screen.  Save changes and then click to Preview Form.


Step 8: Optionally, embed your Suggest Event Form into your website

Copy and paste a snippet of JavaScript or link directly to the form by URL.


Step 9: Review and Approve Suggested Events via Review Events Tab




As always, we welcome your feedback and are happy to answer any questions you may have.  Email us at