It just got easier to insert images, photos and files into your CalendarWiz events.  The new File Manager lets you upload images to your events in a snap!

To add an image to an event:

1. Start by adding an event > click [More event options...] > click Description & Images tab > click the "Insert/Edit Image" button.

add or upload images to event description

2. Next, the "insert/edit image" window will open. After you upload your image, use the dimensions fields to adjust the height and width of your image. Click the File Manager button to upload your image. (SEE BELOW)

upload images to calendar3. The File Manager will open. Click the blue [Upload] button to upload your images.

upload button

4. Drag and Drop or click [Add Files] to select your image from your local computer.

drag and drop or add images button
5. Click the blue [Upload] button. When your images/files are 100% uploaded, click [Close].

6. Select image and click [Insert] to add to your event description.  Click [Insert]. 

insert image into event 

7. You'll see an image link inserted into the "Source" field.  Use the General tab "dimensions" fields to adjust the display size of your image.

insert image general tabImage Size Tip: the event detail pop up is ~ 440 px wide, a max width of 425px for images would give best display.

Advanced tab allows you to put space around the image using the "horizontal" and "vertical" space fields. Input numbers like 5 or 10 to insert 5px or 10px of space around your images. You'll find this helpful if you're trying to wrap description text around a smaller image.

advanced edit image tab

The Advanced Tab also offers a style field where you may input style statements of your own.  To "wrap" your description text around a smaller image, use one of the following style statements.



When you're done making adjustments, click OK.  You may also use the text align left and right buttons in the html edtior to get the image and text to look the way you want.

8. Your image will be inserted into the event description html editor.  Here is an example using the float: right; as described above.

event description with image embedded
To make adjustments to your image click on the image and then click the [Insert/Edit Image] button.   Be sure to [Save] your event.

Important Note: File Manager works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari 5+, Internet Explorer 10+, iPad iOS6+, Android tablet OS4+

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