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Calendar Categories

Use categories to organize events inside your calendar. For example, you might create a category for each department in your organization or for each staff member. You can add or edit categories to fit your needs.

Categories have a number of useful features:

– Color-code categories for easy viewing
– Public categories for any calendar visitor to view
– Private categories for logged-in users only
– Private categories for selected users
– Filter events by category
– Select font color for text
– Designate category managers
– Conflict prevention for managing resources
– Subscribe for 3, 8, 20, 40, or more categories


Edit, Add and Delete Calendar Categories:

To Edit a category, highlight the name and click “Edit” to change the category name and properties.

Note: The default “Sample” category can renamed to meet your requirements.

To Add a new category. click Add and enter the new name and set properties.

(See Adding and Editing a Category)

To Delete a category, highlight the name and click the Delete button.
Note: If you are deleting a category with associated events, you have the option of re-assigning events to another category.

(See Deleting Categories and Reassigning Events)


Category Settings

Category settings are indicated in parentheses next to the category name in the list.  These codes indicate the settings for each category that are set by editing the category.  See Adding and Editing a Category for more information on category settings and their codes.


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