The Mini Calendar is a great way to promote your events on any web page.  Add, edit, or delete events from any device and instantly update your Mini Calendar.  See and interact with our Mini Calendar below.  It's easy to add a Mini Calendar to any web page. 


Log in and click go to Admin Menu > Website Plugins > Mini Calendar >

Preview Screen

You'll notice that the master theme of your calendar's mini calendar automatically loads in the preview screen with "sample" events.

To see your events select categories in the Script Tab and Save Changes.

Script Tab

Select the event category(ies) to display > Save changes.

Copy the javascript code from the box where it reads "JavaScript Code For Theme: Master Theme" and paste into 
your web page editor.

Mini Cal Tab

Customize fonts, height, width, heading text etc. Save the settings.

Colors Tab

Text Colors: Choose the colors for various texts showing on the mini calendar.

Background Colors: Choose the background colors for various elements on the mini calendar.

Note: All colors on this tab relate to the Mini Calendar month view.  Use the Popup tab to control the colors in the popup.

Popup Tab

Set popup width, height, background colors, etc.   Click on a day with an event to preview pop up.

Theme Tab

Create more than one Mini Calendar. Create a second theme to pull events from different categories for a different web page.

Themes provide a powerful option for organizations with many events to share. 

Create a New Theme: Click on the New button to create a new theme.  Enter a name for the new theme and click OK. The new theme will be opened with the default or "factory" settings and can then be edited and Saved.

 More Information

To add a mobile-friendly calendar to a mobile site follow this link:
Mobile Site