It's easy to create a second Upcoming Events List for your website.  In some cases, it makes sense to have an upcoming events list for each event category or for each department webpage.  You can accomplish this by creating Upcoming Events List Themes.

Create a new Upcoming Events List Theme:

  1. Login to as an Administrator > Go to Admin Menu > Website Plugins > Upcoming Events List  >
  2. Themes Tab > Click the [New] Button or the [Save As] button if you wish to clone the current colors and styles of your master theme.  Enter New theme name and click OK.
  3. The new Upcoming Events List theme will appear in the preview window with the default settings.
  4. Go to Script Tab to select  the category or categories to appear in the list > Click Save.
  5. Go to List Tab and Events Tab to customize colors, styles, etc. for your website.  Click Save
  6. To embed the new theme, make sure the new theme is open:
    Go to Theme Tab > Select Theme and Click [Open] button
  7. Go to the Script Tab and copy the JavaScript Code (which should have the new theme name within it) and paste the script into your webpage editor.

For more detailed information on creating an Upcoming Events List click the Help button in your CalendarWiz calendar.