You can prevent double booking of a saved location by turning on Conflict Prevention for that location.

Follow these steps below:


  1.  Go to Admin Menu > Locations > [Edit] or [Add] a location 

  2.  Under "Conflict Prevention" section > Check A and B > Save

  3.  The system will now prevent double booking at that saved location.
    The saved location will appear in a dropdown list in the Location tab when adding events.

    Click + to add event > More event options... > Location tab > Select Location(s) for event > Save

New Feature:  You can now add multiple saved locations for an event.
Yes, you can now reserve multiple rooms and/or equipment for an event. Here's how to turn it on:
Go to Admin Menu > Calendar Options > Check "Enable event multiple mirror locations" > Save
Important Note:  The number of locations allowed with conflict prevention is equal to the number of categories allowed for your purchased CalendarWiz Plan. If you wish to upgrade the number of locations with conflict prevention, please email support at