Adding a file attachment to your Email to List newsletters is easy with our File Manager.

Step 1:  Start by saving your file (pdf, jpeg, png, xls, etc) somewhere you can find it on your local computer.

Step 2:  Go to Admin Menu > Email to List


Step 3:  Select the type of email you'd like to send.
Next, click in your email body where you'd like to add your file and click the insert file button.


Step 4:  Click the file manager button to upload your file to the file manager.

file manager button 

Step 5:  The File Manager will open, click [Upload] to locate the file on your computer and upload to the File Manager:


Step 6:  Click to upload your file to the CalendarWiz file manager.


Step 7: After you upload your file, close the window. Your file will be checked automatically, simply click [Insert] to add the file your Email to List newsletter.


Step 8: Your file is attached to your email! Adjust the text to display as needed.