Automatically post your CalendarWiz events to your Facebook fan page timeline.  To do this you must set up an RSS feed of your events into your Facebook Fan Page by using a popular Facebook App called RSS Graffiti.  Follow the steps below:

  1. Enable your RSS feed in CalendarWiz:

    Login to Calendar -> Admin Menu -> iCal and RSS Feeds -> RSS Tab -> 
    Select Categories to include in feed ->

    Set "Add to Beginning of Event Title" options: you will most likely want to uncheck the "Date and Time Stamp" and perhaps the "Event Category Name" -> Save

  2. Set up the RSS link to Feed Events into Facebook Fan Page Wall:

    Copy and paste the below link into a notepad. Events&cat=all&pdate=o

    Next, insert your unique calendar identifier into the link where it says "calendaridentifier"
    Adjust parameters in the url to meet your needs:

    &days=14 (controls # of days ahead to retrieve events - adjust as necessary)
    &events=200 (controls max number of event to retrieve- adjust as necessary)
    &cat=all (controls which categories included in feed - "all" may be substituted by a single category id)
    &pdate=o (adds a publication date to the feed and is necessary to get the feed working in RSS Graffiti)

    Save this link in notepad. This is the link you will be pasting into the RSS Graffiti App.

  3. Add RSS Grafitti App to your Fan Page:

    Login to your Facebook Fan Page -> Go to -> 
    Follow steps to add RSS Grafitti to your fan page.

  4. Access the RSS Graffiti App via the following:

    Find RSS Grafitti in your App list -> Click to go to App -> Click to "ADD NEW" to add the above RSS feed ->
    Use the Basic Controls in RSS Graffiti to control the Update Frequency, Maximum Posts per Update, and Post Order of events on your Facebook Wall.
    Use the Advanced Controls in RSS Graffiti to control whether or not you would like a static message in front on your event posts
  5. Finally, keep in mind that RSS Grafitti takes at least 30 minutes after you create the feed to post to your Facebook wall.

More information:

The publish date or &pdate parameter is the date that RSS Graffiti uses for sorting and posting events in the feed.  You will most likely want the &pdate value to be set to &pdate=o but here is the complete list of the values that can be used:

o = Event occurrence date (i.e. the start date of the event occurrence)

c = Event creation date

e = Event edit date (i.e. date event was last modified

n = No date (i.e. do not include a pubDate tag in the event item output)