You can create an iCal URLs to feed specific categories of CalendarWiz events into another calendar application.  This can be helpful for a number of reasons within an organization.

1. First, you must give permission for public categories to be included in the iCal feed via:

Go to Admin Menu > iCal & RSS > enable feed > select categories to give permission to include in feed > Save

2. Next, let's build your category specific iCal URL.[]=#####&cid[]=#####

Be sure to insert your unique calendar identifier into the link.  In the URL, the ##### values are the internal category id's. These id's can be found by going to:

Admin Menu Categories > Select Category > Edit

Note: the
 category id value is shown in the upper right of the category edit screen.

Use the category id value to create the &cid[]= value for each category you want to include in the iCal feed.  These feeds will not appear in the calendar interface so you will need to create your own links on your web pages or share the links with your users.

3. Optional Information for Private Categories. If you are looking to create an iCal URL for private categories, please follow the link below:

Create an iCal feed for private categories

Please let us know if you encounter any issues all.  We are here to help, just email us at