To set up an iCal feed that pulls all category events (including private category events,) you must start by enabling the iCal feature.

1. Enable your calendar's iCal feed:

Login as an administrator > Go to Admin Menu >  iCal and RSS >  
Check the box to "Check To Enable iCal Feed"

Read instructions on the screen for customizing the iCal settings -> Click Save button.
2. Insert your calendar information into the below iCal link.

- Replace "yourcalendaridentifier" with your unique calendar identifier.
- Replace "username" with either the user's email address or username.
- Replace "userpassword" with the user's password.

3. Optionally,  include private notes in your iCal feed using &incprivatenote=1 parameter and username and userpassword. Insert your calendar information into the link below:

Important note: This link contains your login information; therefore this link should not be shared with unauthorized users. You can insert this link into any program supporting iCal feeds. Your private and public category events will automatically feed into your calendar application.

To create an iCal URL for a single category or a specific combination of categories follow the link our knowledgebase article:

Click Here