If you're looking to import your Outlook "Contacts"  into CalendarWiz, we are here to help.  Follow the step by step instructions below.

Steps to export your contacts from MS Outlook:

1. Open Outlook and click on your 'Contacts' folder in MS Outlook.
2. Go to File Menu > Select Import and Export
3. Select 'Export to a File' > Next
4. Select 'Comma Separated Values Windows' > Next
5. Choose a place to save the file on your local computer and name the file so that it is easy to find.
6. Click Finish


Import .csv file into CalendarWiz

7. Login to your CalendarWiz and go to:

Admin Menu > under Calendar Settings "Users and Subscribers" Import Tab

8. Select whether you want to import your contacts as "Subscribers" or "Users."  

Differences between Users & Subscribers...


 Email Subscribers:

  • Have a password to calendar
  • Add & edit events in calendar
  • Login to view private event categories & private notes
  • Receive reminders, invites with RSVP and newsletters
  • Belong to your email list.
  • Signup for email list by website form
  • View public events on calendar
  • Receive reminders, invites with RSVP and newsletters

8. Follow instructions in the Import Tab for preparing your file for import.  

You can open you .csv file using MS Excel to review before importing.

9. Once your file is ready for import, click the [Choose File] button to locate your import file on your local computer.

10.  Click the [Import Button]

11. Confirm Import screen - here you'll be able to review your list as well as any import issues.

If you encounter any issues at all, email us at suppport@calendarwiz.com - we're here to help. Feel free to attach your import file so we can take a look.

12. Pertains to User Imports only.  Choose to invite users to create a password NOW or LATER. If you have not yet completed your calendar setup, we’d suggest sending the invite later when your setup is complete.

After importing you users, you can optionally, give them editing permission to the calendar by editing a specific user record.

Types of User:

Owner - the calendar administrator who created the calendar. Owners can add/edit events in all categories and edit all calendar options located in the Admin Menu. The owner cannot be deleted but can be edited.

Administrator - User that can add / edit events in all categories plus edit all calendar options located in the Admin Menu. Administrators may add users and categories to the calendar.

Category Manager - User that can add and edit events for one or more assigned categories. Managers cannot access the admin menu.

Self-Book  - Special user that may add & edit only their own events and not another user's events. Must turn on "D. Self Booking" setting in desired categories.

Subscriber - May only view public events and cannot login to calendar.  Subscribers may receive event emails, newsletters, as well as RSVP events.*

*  By default, subscribers may receive event emails for public events only.  A calendar administrator can override this with a global setting via: Admin Menu > options > advanced tab > check "Allow private event emails to any user or subscriber."