You can set up an automatic feed of your CalendarWiz events into your native iPad calendar.  Please note that these events will be read-only in your iPad's calendar application.

To  Set up an iCal feed from CalendarWiz into your iPad,

  1. First you must enable you CalendarWiz calendar's iCal feed via:

    Admin Menu > iCal and RSS > Click to enable iCal and select categories to include in feed > Save Settings.
  2. Next,  on the iPad, Go to Settings -> “Mail, Contacts, Calendars,” ->  Tap "Add Account"
  3. Choose "Other" -> Under the Calendar Section  choose "Add Subscribed Calendar"
  4. Enter your CalendarWiz calendar's iCal url in the server field for the subscribed calendar option, leaving all other credentials as default:

    For Public Category Events only iCal link:
    (Be sure to substitute your calendar identifier into the below link.)

    For Public and Private category events:
    Use the following url form.  Be sure to substitute your calendar identifier and your email/username and password.  Please do not share this link with anyone since it contains your login information.

    username = user's email or username
    userpassword = user's password

    yourcalendaridentifier = your unique calendar identifier name
  5. Tap "Next" to verify the account ->  Tap "Save"
    The events will automatcally feed into the iPad's native calendar.