CalendarWiz makes it easy and affordable to prevent double booking of rooms, facilities, equipment, or even people. 

We offer two ways to prevent double booking, by category or by saved location.  Review this article to find the setup that will work best for your organization.

 Prevent Double Booking Using Categories

Categories offer a couple options that saved locations do not.  In addition to preventing double booking, categories allow you to set user editing and viewing permissions. Categories also offer the option to color code your resources.  If you're interested in setting up self-service booking, click here for more information.

To set up a category as a facility or room to prevent double booking:

  1. Go to Admin Menu > under Calendar Settings > Categories >
  2. [Add] or [Edit] Category Name category appropriately, e.g... "Church Hall" >
  3. Optionally, turn on D. Self Booking to allow users to add their own events but not edit other events.
  4. Check option FG to prevent double booking of the resource> Save
  5. Repeat for each room or resource.

Be sure to create one category for each room or resource to prevent double booking, e.g... large conference room, small conference room, etc. To update the category legend color or event title color click here:


 Prevent Double Booking Using Saved Locations

Saved Locations allow you to add information that's specific to a location, e.g. address, state, zip, directions, map, weather, etc.   A church might also add saved locations, such as church hall, kitchen, rectory, conference room, etc.

Turn on conflict prevention in a Saved Location:

Login as Administrator > Go to Admin Menu > under Calendar Settings > Locations >  [Add] or [Edit] a location > Under "Conflict Prevention" section > Check A and B > Save Repeat for each location.

Add event @ a saved location:  Click + to add event > select location from dropdown list >

To add more than one location to an event, click the [More event options..] button in Quick Event > Locations tab.  Learn more about mirror locations >>

Note: The number of locations that can be set with conflict prevention is equal to the number of categories allowed for the purchased subscription.  If you wish to upgrade the number of locations with the conflict prevention capability, please email support at