We’re excited to announce that you may add an event with multiple saved locations.  Many customers setup saved locations as rooms, facilities, or even equipment.  If you’re using CalendarWiz to manage facilities and rooms, your scheduling job just got easier.  If you don’t use us for room scheduling, now is the perfect time to start!



In the above example, a church added an event that takes place in the church hall, kitchen and parish center.  The system will prevent double booking of all 3 locations as long as conflict prevention is enabled for these locations.


To turn on events at multiple locations:

Go to Admin MenuOptions >  check to “Enable event multiple mirror locations” > Save


Now, when you add an event at a location, you’ll notice that you can add a primary location and select additional mirror locations for an event.



More on Primary and Mirror locations:

For multi-location events, you’ll always enter a Primary Location first, then choose additional locations from the Mirror Location list.

The Primary Location appears in event titles on the calendar, upcoming event lists, and other website plugins.  The Primary Location will display map and weather links if you’ve selected that option for the location.

All locations appear in event popups and event emails.  All locations with conflict prevention turned on will be checked for event conflicts.

We welcome you to  email us at support@calendarwiz.com with any questions or feedback that you have.