It's easy to add a Mini Calendar or Event Search Plugin to a web page using the Wix Website HTML Editor.
Click the image below to see an interactive mini calendar demo on a Wix Web Page:

Click Here to View Interactive Mini Calendar Demo

Instructions for adding CalendarWiz Mini Calendar or Event Search Plugin to a Wix Web Page:

Login to your Wix Account and click to go to edit mode. Follow the steps below to add the Mini Cal or Event Search Plugin:

  1. Click on the [+] button on the menu bar and choose [Apps] at the bottom of the list
  2. Choose [HTML] from the list of Apps
  3. Move the App box to where you want to place the widget
  4. Click on the App box and select "Settings"
  5. Set the Mode to "Website Address"
  6. Enter one of the following links into the space for Website Address:

    For Mini Calendar Widget

    For Search Widget

    Important Note: Be sure to replace 'yourcalendaridentifier' and 'yourminicalendartheme' or 'yoursearchtheme' in the link before entering into Wix. Also, if your theme name contains a space input a %20 in place of the space in the url, e.g. "Master Theme" becomes "Master%20Theme" in the url.
  7. Then click the Update button.  Use the handles around the wix html widget to adjust the position and size to remove any scroll bars.
  8. Save and Publish your Wix webpage.

To make changes to your Mini Calendar or Event Search Plugin color scheme or pop up settings, go to Admin Menu > Website Plugins > Mini Calendar or Event Search

More options for integrating CalendarWiz to your Wix Web Page:

Embed your calendar into Wix

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