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Login: Users of the calendar must login by entering their Email address (or Username) and Password to access to certain features. (See Calendar Login and Logout)

Search: Allows you to search for calendar events. (See Searching For Calendar Events)

Print: Provides a printer-friendly version of the current calendar view, Month, Week, Day or List. (For best results, it is recommended to print a Calendar in “Landscape” mode. We recommend setting other browser print options for best results. (See Printing Calendars)

Export: Allows downloading of calendar events in different file format for use with other programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Google, MS Excel, etc.
Note: This button may not be available to regular users depending on option settings. (See Exporting Calendar Events)

Add Event: Allows the administrator, category managers to add or edit an event to a calendar. In addition, events may be added using the “+” link in the day cell. Events can be edited using the “(edit)” link after the event title. (See Adding and Editing Calendar Events)

Note: If the category option, “allow users to create and edit only their own events”, is set, then Add Event will also be available to all users who can view events in the category.

Help: Clicking on the help button opens this online help window providing information about the current page. Use the Previous Topic button to return to a prior help page. Use the Help Contents button to view a list of Help topic links. Use the Email Help button to go to a form to submit a help request to support staff.

Additional Controls


Note: Some of the following features may not be available, depending on the options set by the calendar administrator.

Previous Month Mini-Calendar: Click on the month name to go to the previous month.

Previous Arrow (left arrow): Click here to go to the previous month, week or day.

Today: Click here to go to the current date.

Next Arrow (right arrow): Click here to go to the next month, week or day.

Go To Date: Click here to open a mini-calendar where you can select a date and immediately go to that date.

Next Month Mini-Calendar: Click on the month name to go to the next month.

Select Category: Select from the category list to only show events in the selected category. Select “All” to show events in all categories.

The Admin Menu>Options screen has several options to control the category feature such as not showing the category selector, not showing the ‘All’ category selection, selection of multiple categories, and enabling mirror categories.

If the mirror category option is enabled in Options then events mirrored in the selected categories will also be displayed.

Select Location: Select from the location list to only show events occurring at the selected location. Select “All” to show events in all locations. Only locations saved as reusable locations apply to this feature.

Select View: Click on the appropriate button to display the calendar in month, week, day or list view.