A multi-day event is an individual event that spans more than one day, for example a vacation, seminar, project, travel schedule or fundraiser.   These events appear as a banner from the event start day to the event end day.


Here’s how it works…


STEP 1:  Select event start date and start time.  The start time is simply the time the event begins on the start date.  In this example “Annie to Ireland” starts at 1:00PM on January 3rd.  You may also select the “All Day Event” option so you don’t have to select a start time or end time.


STEP 2: Select event end date and end time.  The end time is when the event ends on the event end date.  In this example, “Annie to Ireland” ends on January 9th at 3:00PM.  You may also select “No End Time” so that no end time appears for this event.



STEP 3: Voila! You’ve got a multi-day banner event.
For more info on adding events, check out these help articles on our Quick Event and Full Event editors.



Quick Tips:

  • Converting repeating event to multi-day? If you are editing an existing daily repeating event and want to convert it to a multi-day event, you must click “Never” under the repeating section.  Instead select a start date for the event and an end date on the left-hand side of the editor.
  • An event’s banner color will inherit it’s category legend color.  To change a category legend color, go to Admin Menu > Categories > Edit > Pick a new legend color > Save
  • Saturday to Sunday multi-day event titles not fitting the complete event title? Here are a couple solutions.
    1) Make the event title shorter.
    2) Start your calendar weeks with Monday to give more space for your Sat to Sun event title. Go to Admin Menu > Calendar Options > Advanced > check Start week display with Monday > Save
    3) Add event as daily repeating event instead of multi-day event.
  • Multi-day events vs. repeating events – multi-day events last more than one day where as repeating events are single events that repeat in a specific pattern.  It is possible to add multi-day events that repeat as well.  Learn more about repeating events.

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