Our new “Event Board” lets you display events in an attractive posterboard layout.  It’s easy to embed the Event Board into any website so you can share your calendar events in a modern and interesting way.  By the way, it looks great on any mobile or desktop device.

Here’s how it looks….


Here’s how to get started…

STEP 1:  Start by adding future events in your calendar to help you get an idea of how the event board will look.  Add events using the full event editor to include event description text, images, saved locations and more.  If you’d like to add images to your events, learn more here.

STEP 2:  Go to Admin Menu > under Website Plugins > Event Board

STEP 3: Adjust event board theme color, max events, description text length, and more. Preview changes to the left.
Note: you may select specific categories to include in the event board.  Learn more about calendar categories.

STEP 4:  To embed the event board into your website, log into your website builder so you can edit or add a new web page.

STEP 5: Copy and Paste the “Event Board” iframe code into your web page. Most website builders have an “HTML block” or “Embed block” where you’ll add the event board iframe code.
In some cases, you’ll need to click on a </> icon to paste the code.


STEP 6:  Save changes and publish your web page.

Optionally, adjust the height and/or width of the iframe code.  By default, we set the height to height:1600px and width:100% (best for responsive sites), but feel free to adjust those values to what works best with your events.

Watch a Quick Demo

Have Questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.  Email us at support@calendarwiz.com